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CSI Starter Kit

A perfect way to get started using CSI products in your body shop.

CSI Ceram-X the formula that started the single product polishing craze over twenty years ago plus all the other products like buffing pads and detailing products you need to produce perfectly polished work in your shop. 

Listed included:

1. CSI 62-203-1    Ceram-X polish (Gallon)                $142.15

1. CSI 62-307       Tiger Cut Blue Low lint wool pad   $14.69

1. CSI 62-312      X-treme Finish pad                           $14.58

1. CSI 62-305     Heavy Duty 6" Backing Plate           $27.25

1. CSI 62-511       HandySHAVER                                  $69.00

1. CSI 62-204-P   Q-7 Wax - (16oz)                             $14.68

1. CSI 62-205-1   Q-7 Detailer (Gallon)                        $32.00

1. CSI 62-205-Q  Q-7 Detailer (Quart)                         $15.68      

1. CSI 62-510       CSI ketchup bottle                            $4.70

Total Value                                                                      $334.73



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