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CSI 62-610 Low Lint Blue Wool Buffing Kit

The Ultimate Rotary Buffing kit - Blue CSI 62-610-Qblue

one 62-203 - Quart of Ceram-X polish                        $47.41

one 62-307 - Blue Tiger Cut Wool Low Lint pad         $14.69

one 62-312 - X-treme Finishing Red foam pad           $14.58

one 62-305 - Xtra-heavy duty 6” backing plate           $27.25

                                                       Retail Value           $103.93 

                                                      Saving over10%    $92.93 

Save money - buy as a complete kit 

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All products and pads you need to professionally polish paint 

NO MORE COMPOUND - no need for any other products. 

One product and two pads gives the fastest results.

In a production shop or a high end restoration shop. 

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