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CSI 62-610 4 Piece car Buffing kit

CSI - 4 Piece car Buffing kit - Single Product Polish (SPP) System - Superior Single Polish Replaces The Countless compounds/Polishes You Think You Need

One product, two pads, the fastest and safest way to polish paint. The only car polish independently tested to go from the removal of sanding marks to a swirl free finish with the removal of the least amount of material. Body shop safe formulated with true waterborne technology. Nano-emulsified controlled abrasives to polish paint without the damage of outdated Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT) This kit is for use with any standard rotary polisher due to the backing plate and direct-fitment polishing pads. The Ceram-X polish is ideal for any paint type, any clear-coat type, and can also (the Ceram-X polish) be used with any other type of buffer, pad, or by hand.


  • 1 - 8 oz bottle of CSI Ceram-X polish
  • 1 - CSI Backing plate 
  • 1 - CSI White Wool Pad 
  • 1 - CSI Red Foam Pad 

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