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CSI 62-610-10kkit The Ultimate 3" Buffing kit

The Ultimate Rotary Buffing kit 62-610-10kkit

one 62-415 - 3” 10K buffing                                            $389.81

one 62-203 - Q quart of Ceram-X polish                        $47.41

one 62-330 - 3” wool 2pack                                            $15.74

one 62-332 - 3” black foam 2pack                                 $13.91

one 62-333 - 3” maroon foam 2pack                             $15.74

                                                        Retail Value              $482.61

                                                  save money                    -$30.00


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Perfect tool and products for production shop that can not have swirl marks. Easy to use.

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"CSI 62-415 Two Handed 10,000 rpm da polisher"

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