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CSI 62-415 Two Handed 10,000 rpm da polisher

TwoHANDTM Orbital Buffer

  • TWO HANDED GRIP for better control on vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Side mounted SPEED CONTROL that allows “on-the-fly” speed adjustment while helping toprevent inadvertent switching.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: Overmold housing provides forsuperior vibration absorption for reduced hand fatigue and improved feel of the machine.
  • CURVED ALLOY STEEL THROTTLE LEVEL that provides unparalleled durability with perfect ergonomics
  • OPTIONAL HANGERfor convenient storage.
  • UNIQUE HOUSING DESIGN allows the sander to be placed on its back withoutactivating the throttle.
  • All sanders come with a 3 inch GRIPS
  • Full line of high quality, weight mated BACK-UP PADS are available.

3 in. (77 mm) and 5 in. (127 mm) TwoHANDTM Random Orbital Buffer-Table of Specifications

Buffer Type

Motor hp (W)

Pad Dim. Inch (mm)

*Air FlowSCFM (LPM)

Product Net Wt. Pound (kg)

Height Inch (mm)

LengthInch (mm)


0.37 (276)

3 (77)

18 (510)

2.60 (1.18)

4.26 (108.2)

9.9 (251.9)

0.46 (343)

5 (127)

20 (566)

2.71 (1.23)

4.31 (109.6)

10.9 (277.0)

Additional Specifications: Air Inlet Thread is1/4in.NPT and Hose I.D. is1/4in.(6 mm).* Air flow/consumption specifications are @ 90 psig (6.2 bar)

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