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CSI 62-335 - 8 piece 3" buffing pad kit

The best part about CSI's system of polishing is the simplicity. Every pad revolves around Ceram-X polish there is no need to ever buy any other polish or compound.

Choose the right pad for the right job. 

Every pad has a different cut rate or polish rate.

  • 62-330 - White Wool pads 3"- 2pack. Most aggressive cut rate (cut rate scale 1-10) 10 being most aggressive this pad is a 10.
  • 62-331 - Yellow foam pads 3"- 2pack. Middle of the road for cutting and polishing (cut rate scale 1-10) this pad is a 5.
  • 62-332 - Black foam pads 3"- 2pack. Our finest 3"polishing pad (cut rate scale 1-10) this pad is a 1.
  • 62-333 - 2n1 maroon pads 3"- 2pack. The newest pad to our lineup of pads. This pad works great on a rotary polisher but this pad really works on a DA polisher by using a special foam that cuts and polishes to a beautiful finish. (cut rate scale 1-10) 10 being most aggressive this pad is a 5 with a 2 in polishing very unique!

All 8 pads are includes in this kit with a discount when you buy as a package. 

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